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Industrial Cleaning Excellence: Choose the Right Janitorial Company

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Why your industrial facility needs a janitorial company or services now more than ever, keeping your facility clean is part of keeping it safe. Hiring a janitorial company can be an excellent way to stay on top of those workplace messes.

With all of the options out there finding the right cleaning company can be challenging. Knowing what to look for in a commercial janitorial company is half the battle.

But what makes a commercial cleaning company qualified to clean your facility? Read on to find out how to select the best CIMS certified janitorial company.

Your Industrial Facility Needs a Janitorial Company:
Why Hire a Janitorial Company?

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Does your industrial facility need a janitorial service or company?  According to a recent study by Florida State University, having a dirty workplace can have lasting negative cognitive effects on your employees. With the onset of COVID-19, it can also kill them.

If you want a happy, healthy, safe, and productive workforce it is paramount that you keep your industrial facility clean and orderly. This can often be too difficult of a task to handle in-house without hiring an outside service.

As any industrial facility manager knows, sometimes messes can pile up and be more than your employees know how to handle. By hiring a janitorial company you ensure that your facility stays clean no matter what.

Your clients will also judge the quality and capacity of your facility based on how clean it is.

First impressions are everything. By maintaining a spotless facility you ensure that your prospective clients think well of your business.

Finding the Best Cleaning Company

You might be tempted to pull out your smartphone and Google “CIMS certified janitorial company near me”. If you do you will find a ton of results, but not all of them will be the best choice for your industrial facility.

When finding the best cleaning company you need to analyze their reputation, capabilities, and prices. Only then will you be able to find the best cleaning company to meet your needs.

Due to the pandemic, you will also want to find someone who specializes in cleaning COVID-19 to keep your employees safe. In addition, do a bit of research to see what each commercial cleaning company near you has to offer.

You should also come prepared with a list of specific cleaning tasks that your industrial facility needs to stay in prime working order.

That way you will be able to outline these tasks to prospective cleaning companies during your initial consultation.

You can then find out right away if they have what it takes to clean and upkeep your facility or if you should search for another candidate who can.

What Is a Commercial Janitorial Company &
Why Your Industrial Facility Needs a Janitorial Company

A commercial janitorial company specializes in large facilities and commercial buildings. They are capable of handling even the toughest messes on a large scale.

They should possess all the necessary experience and equipment. This means they have what it takes to clean large industrial facilities. They should also be fully licensed, certified, and capable of cleaning your facility.

Cleaning a commercial facility includes things such as washing, waxing, and buffing floors to keep them safe and clean. It also includes cleaning any important machinery and surfaces.

You should ask a commercial cleaning company if they specialize in cleaning HAZMAT. This may be part of the daily operations around your industrial facility.

Not all commercial cleaning companies are capable of dealing with hazardous materials. If your business needs this capability make sure to bring this up right away. That way you avoid wasting your time with unqualified candidates.

Sanitizing surfaces, walls, and common areas should be one of their primary concerns as well. You should contact a commercial cleaning company near you to find out what kinds of services they can fulfill for your facility.

Read Commercial Cleaning Company Reviews

One of the best ways to select a top-tier commercial cleaning company is to read some online reviews about them. Satisfied customers will be sure to voice their opinion about how great their commercial cleaning company is.

If a commercial cleaning company is inferior to their competition, past clients will also vocalize this online. Try Google searching “cleaning company near me” or “janitorial company near me” to see what’s out there.

If you only own one facility in a specific area, try including the name of the location in your search as well. For instance, if you live in Greenville, try Google searching “Greenville cleaning company” or “Greenville janitorial company”.

That way you can target your commercial cleaning companies to be location-specific. This helps you avoid wasting time with those who don’t service your local area.

Next, click on the reviews of some of the companies that come up and make your opinions about them. Keep in mind that most people won’t go out of their way to leave a review unless they are extremely satisfied or dissatisfied.

Therefore, look for overall review trends and ignore the few outlying opinions that may skew review results. This will help you develop a more well-rounded opinion of a commercial cleaning company.

What Is a CIMS Certified Janitorial Company &
Why Your Industrial Facility Needs a Janitorial Company?

ISSA or international sanitary supply association for janitorial services

CIMS stands for Cleaning Industry Management. This is the regulatory body that upholds the standards for all commercial cleaning companies.

If your candidates lack a CIMS certification, you may want to think about selecting another candidate who has one. The CIMS certification is the gold standard for industrial facilities and commercial cleaners.

A certification indicates that a cleaning company operates to the highest possible standards. It means that they will leave your facility spotless and safe.

The last thing that you want to do is hire a run-of-the-mill cleaning company to provide vital services for your industrial facility.

Without a CIMS certification, you cannot ensure that a commercial cleaning company will do a good job.

Don’t gamble with your employee’s safety and the reputation of your company. Always ensure that whatever janitorial service you hire is fully certified, licensed, and capable of cleaning and maintaining your facility.

Keep Your Facility Spotlessdistribution center

Another reason why your industrial facility needs a janitorial service or company so you can focus on your business and not ours!  Not all janitorial companies are created equal. If you are looking for the very best cleaning company, make sure that they are a CIMS certified janitorial company. Your facility has a lot to gain from a commercial janitorial company.

Find the best commercial cleaning company today by doing a bit of research and narrowing your options down. When you are ready to deal with the very best contact us today for a free quote. That way your facility will be spotless.


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