CIMS Certified Janitorial Company: Why It’s Important


The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us quite a bit. One of the biggest lessons is just how much room for growth we have in our everyday cleaning routines. This global episode has prompted many businesses to hire a commercial cleaning company. Ironically, it is often clear when public spaces are dirty. Yet until recently, those spaces that are expertly cleaned sometimes go overlooked. Much of this has changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This heightened cleanliness standard is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Significantly, here’s where a CIMS certified janitorial company comes into play.

A simple internet search of “cleaning company near me” will reveal many options on the market. In truth, anybody can establish themselves as a janitorial company. But not all cleaners are equal.

A CIMS certified janitorial company is held to a much higher standard. With this designation, you can rest assured they will perform excellent work. You can trust that a commercial janitorial company holding this certification will be a good choice for your business.

For more information on what it takes to be a CIMS certified janitorial company, keep reading.

                     What Does It Mean to Be a CIMS Certified Janitorial Company?Janitorial company

CIMS stands for Cleaning Industry Management Standard. The CIMS reviews various aspects of the operations of a commercial cleaning company. This includes the following elements:

  • Management structure
  • Performance systems
  • Processes

This standard is independently implemented. Additionally, this is important to keep a sense of fairness and balance.

The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) runs the CIMS. ISSA is a not-for-profit organization. Significantly, it serves as the leading global authority in the cleaning industry.

As an independent association, the ISSA can ensure there is no commercial influence in the determination of quality standards. As there are no involvement of specific products, equipment, or techniques in the decision of awarding CIMS compliance, there is no bias toward any particular group.

Leadership consulted with experts from all corners of the janitorial industry. Also included were representatives from facility and purchasing networks.

A CIMS certified janitorial company develops a customer-centric approach to their business. Through this framework, they commit to consistent, quality delivery of services.

                                                             How Is This Determined?

The CIMS standard focuses on widely-accepted management principles in five major sectors. These include the following:

  • Quality systems
  • Service delivery
  • Human resources
  • Health, safety, and environmental stewardship
  • Management commitment

Other industry standards test people, products, and procedures on their own. Instead, CIMS evaluates the entire organization. This way, it can take a full look at the cleaning company and its services.

This is what sets the CIMS apart and makes it unique in the commercial cleaning industry. It also takes a wide-angled approach. All factors are considered when evaluating a company’s operations.

No single factor alone can determine the efficacy of a janitorial company’s policies.

They could have a staff of hundreds, and use the best products and equipment in the world. Yet without proper safety systems in place, all could crumble.

This is the CIMS difference.

To get this golden seal, a cleaning company must pass rigorous quality standards.

Furthermore, they remain under constant monitoring to maintain compliance with the stringent requirements. This means they could be subject to a random audit at any given time. As such, they must keep in line with rules and regulations to ensure a positive record.

All in all, to be CIMS certified means a lot in the janitorial industry. These companies agree to structure their organizational framework based on the standard. They must continue to prove compliance to keep up this certification.

                                           Obtaining CIMS Certification

Employees must receive proper trainng for a company to remain CIMS compliant. There are also CIMS recommended tests for employees.

There is no exact way to meet the goals of the CIMS framework. They do not mandate specific products, equipment, or procedures.

Rather, they allow for a janitorial company to be flexible in how it meets these standards.

A CIMS certified janitorial company also does not have to meet every single element. Compliance is a requirement at a rate of 60 percent or more per section. The standards are flexible and focus more on full performance and practical application.

This ensures companies truly aim to promote this customer-centric work ethic. It values effective practices above bureaucratic policies.

Luckily, companies that are ready to prove themselves do not have to jump through hoops. The process for a commercial janitorial company to become CIMS certified is simple.

Firstly, the company seeking to gain CIMS certification must request an application. Secondly, ISSA will conduct an internal review.

This is where they go back and review all materials submitted. This helps to make an idea of management practices. The organization then evaluates how closely the applicant aligns with CIMS certification requirements.

Lastly, an independent assessor performs a comprehensive assessment to prove compliance with CIMS. This assessor is an independent third party.

If approved, CIMS certification is granted. The company will have to apply for re-certification every two years.

                                     Why Is CIMS Certification Important?quality control in janitorial service

Long gone are the days of employees taking turns on office “chores” to keep order. In the context of COVID-19, the entire commercial environment has changed. Strict social distancing and cleaning standards are applied in most areas.

As employees begin to enter again the office, these standards will continue. This means commercial cleaning must be top-notch to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

Hiring a CIMS certified janitorial company keeps businesses compliant with government-mandated cleanliness standards. Holding CIMS certification also sends a message to all current and potential customers.

It lets them know that your business takes its work seriously. Moreover, it makes clear your company rises to a higher standard of customer service. This goes from cleanliness levels to management practices.

Strict commercial cleaning guidelines have always been important in some specific industries. This trend has now expanded to virtually any type of space shared by members of the public.

This is becoming more important than ever due to the results of COVID-19.

                                                                Cleaning in the COVID EraJanitorial company near me

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc around the world. Hundreds of thousands of businesses were forced to close. Those that are lucky enough to still be operating face steep challenges.

One of these problems includes promoting social distancing. Another is heightened cleanliness standards in all public spaces. Moreover, the standards for a commercial cleaning company are higher than ever.

Commercial cleaning companies help keep the doors open for these struggling businesses. Janitorial employees are on the front lines fighting the pandemic. Though, their efforts often go unseen by the general public.

The expectation of top-notch cleanliness is here to stay even after the pandemic winds down. With such a contagious nature, the need for strict cleaning rules is critical.

Now more than ever, CIMS certification is essential for a commercial janitorial company. This makes them as a serious player in the fight against Coronavirus.

They are here for their clients. They provide peace of mind, as they are constantly accountable for their work. Undoubtedly, there is no question about the quality of services.

This designation can reassure guests of public spaces. High-traffic areas like restaurants and hotels can especially bring worries. These patrons may be apprehensive to restart their normal activities once again.

Most of these spaces have drastically increased their cleaning rules. This includes what they look for when hiring a commercial cleaning company. With the seal of approval from a strict regulatory body, a CIMS certified janitorial company is that much more desirable.

janitorial servicesSelecting a CIMS Certified Janitorial Company

It’s clear by now that a CIMS certified janitorial company is important in promoting a safe and effective cleaning regimen. In addition, this extra seal of approval is backed by proven compliance with rigid standards. CIMS certified companies keep public spaces as safe as possible.

A good commercial cleaning company has the ability to remain accountable. They maintain the highest standards of customer care at all times. Most important, this should be reflected in all areas of work.

Check out local reviews of any potential cleaning company. They should be well-respected in the community, with a strong track record of quality work.

Above all, with so much at stake, a high-quality commercial janitorial company is worth the investment.

CIMS Certified Janitorial Company Near Me

Significantly, TC Services has dedicated itself to promoting the highest standard of customer care in the industry.

This starts with research and preparation ahead of time. It also means getting the job done right today and planning ahead for tomorrow’s cleaning.

TC Services is your choice for a CIMS certified janitorial company in the Greenville, South Carolina area. To request a free quote or for more information on how TC Services lives up to the CIMS standard, contact a representative today.


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