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Key Considerations in Selecting Janitorial Services

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Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep a clean and sanitized business. Whether you run a daycare, a church, a hospital, a restaurant, or another type of business, maintaining cleanliness is essential. Although you and your employees can conduct routine cleanings as you work throughout the day, having a professional janitorial cleaning company is ideal.

A commercial janitorial service will have the experience of properly cleaning commercial spaces. They know what cleaning products and equipment to use to ensure proper and thorough cleaning. They can also conduct the cleaning after-hours once everyone has left the property.

How will you know which commercial janitorial company to choose?

Before you hire any janitorial company, there are a few factors you should consider first. In the guide below, you’ll discover a few of those factors. Continue reading to get started!

Janitorial Cleaning Company: Ask For Their Experience and Qualificationsjanitorial cleaning company

One of the first factors to look into is their experience and qualifications. How long has the company been in business? A janitorial company that’s been in business for several years can tell you a few things.

An experienced company will know how to handle a variety of situations. They also have the expertise required to conduct optimal cleaning procedures. The qualifications they have are also important.

You want to find a team that’s done their research and received proper training, education, and certifications. A knowledgeable staff is crucial when desiring the cleanest environment possible.

Their Insurance InsuranceCoverage

A reputable janitorial service should have insurance. Insurance is not only there to protect them but to protect you as well. If any injuries were to happen while on your property or if any damages were to occur, then who would be to blame?

Be sure to find a janitorial service that has proper insurance to cover them and you in these situations. Ask the company to show you proof of insurance. There are a few different types of insurance to check for.

General Liability of the Janitorial Cleaning Company

This type of insurance will protect businesses from general insurance claims associated with bodily injuries and property damage. It also helps cover medical expenses and attorney fees as well.

Worker’s Compensationjanitorial cleaning company

Any company with employees should have worker’s compensation. This insurance covers medical costs and lost wages for employees who are injured on the job. If a janitorial employee were to become injured while on your property, then this insurance will cover the costs.

Janitorial Cleaning Company’s Automotive Liability

If an accident were to occur involving the janitorial company’s vehicle, then automotive liability insurance will cover the costs related to bodily injuries and property damage. This type of insurance also shows that a company is reputable and serious about its business.

Their Reputation

Now you’ll want to look at the company’s reputation. What are past clients saying about this company? What can you expect from the company?

There are a few factors to consider to help you find a commercial janitorial service with a great reputation. Here’s what you need to know.

Customer Reviews of the Janitorial Cleaning Company

You can start by looking at the reviews. You may be able to find reviews or testimonials on a company’s website or social media pages. Otherwise, be sure to search the company’s name on a review site. After reading through the reviews, contact the company and ask for a couple of references.


If the company is able to give you one or two references, then be sure to call each one. Ask them any questions you might have about the company in question. Don’t forget to ask about their own experience with the company and if they’d recommend them.

Referralsjanitorial services

Another option you have is to ask friends, family, and business partners for referrals. If you know of anyone who’s used a commercial janitorial company in the past, then inquire about this company. Would they recommend the company they used? If so, then why?

This could give you some good background information on a company and what to expect from them.

Type of Services The Janitorial Cleaning Company Are Offering

Is there a certain type of janitorial service you’re interested in or require? For example, aside from general janitorial services, will you require pressure washing? Do you need the carpets cleaned or the hard floors properly cared for?

Would you like to have your property disinfected for specific viruses as well? These are just a few types of extra services to consider. Something else to keep in mind is green cleaning.

Does the company have the proper certifications to provide proper green cleaning of your property? If this is something you value, then you’ll want to be sure the janitorial service can meet all your cleaning needs. Ask about all of the janitorial services provided before selecting the right company for you.

The Cost of Services

One of the last factors you want to consider is the cost of services. Each individual janitorial service will have its own price list for a variety of services provided.

Wait until you’ve considered all the other factors first and have narrowed down your list to your top three picks or so. Then, you can begin to compare janitorial service fees.

You want to find a company that’s experienced, certified, reputable, and offers a fair price.

Find the Right Janitorial Cleaning Company For You

It’s time for you to find the right janitorial cleaning company for your business needs! Use all of the helpful information listed in this guide above to help you find a commercial janitorial service that can meet and surpass your expectations.

At TC Services, our core values are to offer amazing competitive rates for providing exceptional janitorial services while creating and maintaining a professional environment in the cleaning industry.

We would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to show you that we do what we say and say what we mean! Contact us today to request a free estimate to get started.


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