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Janitorial Services Hiring Guide: 7 Key Questions to Ask

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Choosing a commercial cleaning company is not a walk in the park. But if done correctly, you can get a janitorial services company with whom you can form a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Nonetheless, there are several variables, as well as numerous different sizes and types of commercial janitorial service companies, that make selecting the right one for your business a daunting task. This already complicates the process. It makes it even worse by the reality that far too many commercial cleaning companies will say almost anything to get your business.

But what if you had seven simple questions you could ask potential cleaning companies to isolate the phonies from the shining stars?

We’ve compiled a list of the seven most important questions to ask before hiring a commercial cleaning company. Continue reading to learn.

  1. How Many Years Has The Janitorial Services Company Been in Business?

Cleaning business premises such as restaurants, hospitals, or manufacturing areas is not easy as people tend to think. In achieving the expected cleaning results, the cleaners must know how to use the cleaning machines and products. Besides, the expectation is that the cleaner clean even the hard-to-reach areas.

A clear understanding of the cleaning process and requirements can only happen if the cleaner has years of experience. Thus, before hiring a janitorial services company, inquire about their experience and the kind of clients they have served.

Even if the janitorial services company has been operational for a long time, ask for track records of their past work. A janitorial services company that takes pride in its work will have photographs of its work.

  1. How Much Do the Cleaning Services Cost?

As a responsible business owner, the cost is a priority when hiring a janitorial cleaning company. Chances are you are hoping to get quality cleaning services at the lowest price possible.

But, if you go blindly to hire a janitorial service company based on their low prices, you might end up regretting later.

Janitorial service companies charging very low prices either offer poor cleaning services or are new in the market. Thus, before hiring a janitorial services company, ensure to ask for a quotation. But, if the company offers you a quote without assessing the area that needs cleaning, that is a red flag.

A professional janitorial services company should first examine the size of the area to be cleaned. They should also assess the number of cleaning products needed, and the risks involved before giving you the cost estimate.

  1. How Is The Cleaning Schedule Of The Janitorial Services Company?

The last thing you would want is to interrupt the operation of your business due to cleaning. If you are serving customers or clients, chances are they will seek services elsewhere if asked to wait until the cleaning is complete.

For instance, the best time to have your restaurant, hospital, or market cleaned is early in the morning or later in the evening when there is no traffic.

Thus, before hiring a janitorial cleaning company, you must ask about their schedule. Apart from schedule, also inquire about the security policy of the cleaning company. The company must explain the security measures they take in safeguarding your property against damage or theft.

  1. What Kind of Insurance Do They Have?

During the cleaning, process accidents might happen. If the janitorial cleaning company does not have insurance, you might be liable for compensation. Thus, companies looking for janitorial services must ask about the kind of insurance the janitorial company has.

A good company is expected to have insurance that covers both its employees and your property. General liability and worker compensation are the two kinds of insurance the company must have.

  1. Do They Have a License as a Janitorial Services Company?

Your business premises is not a place where you can allow a stranger to roam about. The last thing you wish is to find some of the business equipment missing after the cleaning process. The only way to be assured the janitorial company will offer quality cleaning services and protect your property from theft is to be insured.

A licensed company is monitored and regulated by the government. If the company is still licensed, it’s a sign that it doesn’t engage in any malpractices. Thus, before hiring a janitorial company, you must ask them to avail their license number.

  1. What Cleaning Products Do They Use?

The janitorial cleaning company that is worth your investment is the one that comes with its supplies. A company that will ask you to get the cleaning products is not legitimate. The cost of any supplies used by the company should be included in the quote and not charged separately.

But, you must ensure the kind of products used by the janitorial services company is eco-friendly. Thus, ask the company about the cleaning products they use and why they prefer using them.

  1. What’s The Process of Hiring Workers In Their Janitorial Services Company?

This is a question that most people shy off from asking as it might sound intimate. But remember, people will be cleaning your building at night or early in the morning without supervision. Thus, you need to be sure you can trust them while doing their task.

Thus, before hiring a janitorial cleaning company, ask them whether they carry out a background check on their employees. Do they offer any supervision to the newly hired employees?

A janitorial company that is easy to trust is the one that vets its employees and evaluates their performances regularly.

Use the Above Questions When Hiring a Janitorial Services Company

Finding a janitorial services company with a client’s interest at heart might be challenging. But, if you find the best, you get satisfying cleaning results and save money. Use the above questions to hire a reputable janitorial services company.

Are you a company looking for janitorial services in Southern Carolina and the surrounding areas? At TC Services, our commitment to the janitorial industry is through research, education, certifications, and training. This is to ensure we have the most knowledgeable staff for today’s cleaning and insights into tomorrow’s cleaning environment.

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