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Advanced Cleaning Techniques for COVID-19 Safety


The New Level of Cleaning By TC Services

TC Services provides the new level of cleaning due to COVID-19 wreaking havoc. More than 6 months have passed since we first heard of the first lockdown and stay-at-home orders.

In March, the World Health Organization declared the highly contagious COVID-19. It’s time for the new level of cleaning! This is a testament to how serious and dangerous of an enemy we are facing. 

We won’t go down without a fight

The good news is that we won’t go down without a fight. That’s why we have come up with a new level of cleaning. We can manage as long as we follow a set of rules. Rules such as wash our hands frequently, maintain social distancing, and well, stay at home as much as we can.

As for the virus, ordinary soap has the capacity to kill it. Components present in soap are able to break down the protective layers of the virus, virtually annihilating it. Similarly, sanitizers or 70% ethyl/isopropyl alcohol have the same powers.

At home, what you can do is to follow regular sanitizing schedules. But what if you don’t have the time to do so? What if, aside from your home, you also have to think about your office and commercial space?

That’s where the folks from TC Services come in and come up with a new level of cleaning. TC Services, LLC is a full-service janitorial company dedicated to providing the people in your community with clean and sanitary medical, retail, and industrial facilities. With the threat around COVID-19, we understand how this is disconcerting, which is why we have come up with a new level of cleaning. We are offering a scientifically-based, comprehensive suite of cleaning services designed to fully eliminate the threat of the coronavirus in your home and facilities.

The New Level of Cleaning: Electrostatic Sprayers

We utilize a combination of tools and techniques necessary to provide the comprehensive cleaning of your space. To introduce a new level of cleaning – Electrostatic sprayers. To ensure even coats of disinfecting chemicals across all surface, these are deployed  (a service that would have required a huge upfront fee for the equipment alone, but we’re including it in ours).

We use EPA-approved chemicals that have an efficacy rate of 5 minutes. This means that after we have done our cleaning services, it would only take an average of 5 minutes before the chemicals we used kills all germs, including the coronavirus, lodged on surfaces and in nooks, and crannies. We wipe down all areas after cleaning to make sure that there’s minimal impact on your customers and staff. You also have a choice of a regular routine cleaning or just a one-time cleaning service.

Well-trained and highly efficient individuals

Our team is made up of well-trained and highly efficient individuals. They have years of experience when it comes to providing quality cleaning services. As a part of our new level of cleaning,  TC Services is proud to have CIMS Green Building Honor Certifications. We also have multiple managers with RBSM designations.

If this sounds like the cleaning service you’re looking for, we invite you to send us a message and our representatives will get in touch with you right away.


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