Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We provide complete facility disinfecting to meet your needs. We guarantee every service with a hospital grade disinfectant to kill the COVID-19 virus.

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TC Services has a chemical from one of the major commercial manufactures that has this claim. Unless the chemical has a hospital grade disinfectant claim it should not be used unless properly tested and evaluated. Any Kill claim of 99.99% is not a hospital grade disinfectant and should not be used!

What is Efficacy?

Efficacy is the contact time a chemical needs to adequately break down the outer cell walls of any organism to effectively kill it. Every chemical will have an efficacy time or commonly known as a dwell time. This dwell time ranges from 30 seconds to 10 minutes depending on what your trying to disinfect or clean. TC Services chemical of choice has a 5 minute dwell time and efficacy rate. Once a chemical is applied you must let it sit wet on that surface for the minimum amount of time for the chemical to properly work, once the dwell time has been reached you may clean the residue off with a microfiber to completely clean the surface.

What Chemicals to Use

The following are approved with kill claims
against the Corana virus

Chemical Application

Different types of application

The most ideal application covers the surfaces entirely.

Wipes: These come in prepackaged containers with the chemical you choose. It can also be a disposable wipe and add the desired chemical into the wipes container.

Spray: You may use a bottle mixed with the desired chemical and apply it to a rag/microfiber to clean with.

Electrostatic Sprayers: These are electrostatic sprayers that apply an even coat of desired chemical to any surface. This is an ideal application if available however there will be costly upfront fees for the equipment.


We offer full disinfecting of facilities that will
include the following:

Minimum Charges

$ 200 per application
  • 5000 sq feet or below

Hourly Charge

Contact us
  • Perfect for smaller facilities that want more applications.

Over 40,000 sq feet?

Contact us Per month or application
  • Perfect for large companies that want one application or more.


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