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Janitorial Services: Backbone of Workplace Health

janitorial services

Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services industry, an inside look.  This has always been a neglected sector through time.   Overshadowed by the glamorous industries such as hotels, technology, petrochemicals, alternative resources, etc.  However, what we seemed to overlook daily is that Janitorial Services are the backbone to all commercial and residential health and well-being.

Imagine, you came home at the end of the day to an unkempt home or went to work the following day to find a filthy office.   It is not a pretty picture, we know, and that’s exactly what will happen without the Janitorial Services that help keep your environment clean.

True, it is not the most glamorous, white-collar job that helps contribute to the massive revenue of your company.   It certainly doesn’t cook your meals so you can enjoy some time with your family. Nevertheless, these Janitorial Services  industry is what make our daily life so comfortable and fulfilling.

Professional Janitorial Services are overlooked for the most part. Still, they are what enable you to go to a spotless and sanitized workplace in the morning and starts your day off on a good note. They are what keep you healthy throughout the workday.   Cleaning on a daily basis helps reduce bacteria, dust, food crumbs, dirt/debris in buildings.  All these things diminish productivity and can contribute to more sick days for employees.

Janitorial Services are, in fact, what stands between us and chaos, enabling us to put our best foot forward and working towards our future. They are what keep us healthy so we can provide the ultimate solutions and love for our family. And they do it all with no expectations and a lot of care and concern for human life.

Why you need professional Janitorial Services

A lot of tasks in our offices are not that easy to handle. Snaking the drain or cleaning out the couch may seem like easy tasks to accomplish, but they are much more significant than that. Below are some of the reasons you need professional janitorial services

  • The influx of health hazards can be dangerous to your living standards.  They might be growing without your knowledge. They pose serious threats, especially in canteens and break rooms where you leave your food items. Not to mention, they can attract rats and mice, which can plague your beautiful corporate building throughout.

Importance of Janitorial Servicesjanitorial services industry

  • These perils even affect the moral at the office environment.  Since people are typically busy, people tend not to notice them at first. Experiencing itchy eyes or wheezing through the day may be the first signs of having these undetected problems in your work environment.  Many companies especially in recent past have been forces to operate with lower than normal staff.  An organization that pays sick days maybe experiencing higher than normal expenses due to lack of cleaning in their facilities.  These and many more are why Janitorial Services are so important.


  • Professionally proficient janitorial men and women don’t just provide a spotless cleaning service.  They receive training to detect all manners of neglect in commercial facilities. They have a keen eye and special training to look for any hazards in your workspaces so that your environment is always clean and hygienic.
  • More importantly, some cleaning functions such as vacuuming, dusting, mold removal, cleaning the toilets, and sanitizing, etc., can pose serious problems and can hurt individuals if they do not follow procedures.
  • W2 contractors in TC Services are not just adept at cleaning, but the staff is scrupulously trained for each and every function thoroughly. Their dedication is to help people work in a more hygienic and healthy environment simply because they care. They stress human value and enthusiastically seek out new and improved methods for their Janitorial Services.

What is the difference between hiring cleaning franchises and subcontractors and W2 contracting Janitorial Services?

You might already have a janitorial service in place with a cleaning franchise that is contractually obligated to cleaning your environment regularly. But are they doing their best work, or are they getting away with the bare minimum to fulfill their obligation?

Franchises and W2 subcontractors follow different principles and ethics in their service. In most cases franchises are more concerned with signing up long term clients whereas W2 companies focus on keeping clients.  A franchise service may work well for smaller once or twice weekly cleaning facilities. But if you are looking for nightly or more in depth cleaning you might be better off with a W2 company that focuses on quality.  Franchise companies generally react to issues vs W2 companies are pro-active in their approach.

Gone are the days when a Mom and Pop operation could fulfill all the Janitorial Services needed for a facility.   Mom and Pop companies have been the main target for franchise companies and subcontract companies.  They don’t have training in Blood Borne Pathogens or important chemical applications. These include expensive equipment, training, oversight and most of all protection for you and the employees.  This protection is Workers compensation and general liability insurance. took care of all your cleaning needs to create a safe and purified environment. Now, in this quick fast-paced environment world, it’s imperative for training and a pro-active approach.


Let us clarify with a few significant differences in the industry between the two types of Janitorial Services:

Franchises and subcontractors are not self-performing, while W2 contractors dedication is to each client.

Franchises and subcontractors are more focused on growing their clientele than the actual work. The more businesses they partner with, the more they can grow throughout the world. They are bigger organizations; therefore, their focus is on multiple clients. They do not focus on their self-performance but their economic growth.1099 vs W2

Once they have reached the level of recognition they desire, they can lax their services because the clients start to rely on them. But franchises and their subcontractors don’t have direct involvement with the client; therefore, the lack of personal connection can result in a shoddy job.

W2 subcontractors, on the other hand, have a direct link to their clients. They tend to heed each concern and each feedback at a personal level and address them with care. Every client is unique to them, thus, making it a personal job. Their motivation is by self-performance, which results in a deep partnership with their clientele.

W2 subcontractors are driven by care and concern for each client and their health and safety, making them work that much harder to provide top-notch Janitorial Services. They care about the results, not just about the revenue. They know that it is not the name that will have their phones ringing but rather the quality of service that entices the client.

Franchises and their subcontractors have contracts but zero accountability

Franchises and their subcontractors have a defined and long-term contract with their clients. While this may be easier on the pockets, it does very little to stimulate them to provide the best service.

A substantial contract makes it an obligation rather than a motivation to go the extra mile. It often has an adverse effect where the subcontractors are lax in their daily chores. Given the terms of the contracts, Franchises take zero responsibility other than to assure you that it will never happen again till it does.

W2 contractors, on the other hand, take a very different approach towards their Janitorial Services. They understand the responsibility of keeping the places sanitized and hygienic with the human factor in mind. They are in direct contract with the client, and they are always accountable for the services they provide.

In many cases, W2 contractors feel a moral obligation towards their clients and are inspired by the healthy relationship they build with each of them. It is not just a job but a way for them to contribute to the lives of many. That is why they take the liability of a substandard service into account. Their drive comes from within rather than an external obligation, making them more focused and dedicated to their clientele.

W2 companies hire and train employees for the best outcome

Unlike Franchises and their subcontractors, W2 contractors do not just hire people who claim to be the best at what they do. Instead, they take the time and energy to evaluate each service provider’s strengths and weaknesses personally.

These employees are then to receive thorough trainings in the various evolving methodologies of Janitorial Services industry. They learn about the significance of each function and various ways to perform them for the best possible results.

W2 companies are stringent about their cleaning and Janitorial Services because each client is important to them. They do not accept shabby work or negligent services as they hurt the company’s reputation and create an unhealthy relationship with clients, which is unacceptable.

They hire the best possible workers and train them further, so their clients can achieve satisfaction with their Janitorial Services all the time.

W2 Subcontractors work month to month.Month to Month

Unlike franchises and their subcontractors, W2 contractors work on a monthly basis. The client can avail their Janitorial Services for a month. The client can also cancel if he is not satisfied with the work. This phenomenon keeps W2 contractors on their toes. Since they do not have a long-term contract which excuses them from accountability for their work, they always have to keep up their standards of janitorial service.

Their main focus is to keep the clients happy so that they can acquire another month’s agreement for the service on your commercial property. Their motivation is by their need to please the client rather than to fulfill a contractual obligation.

This makes W2 contractors a much better fit for all residential and commercial janitorial service needs. Their quality of work does not suffer because each month is a new challenge.

6 main principles to follow as per Cleaning Industry management systems (CIMS)

There are certain expectations from the clients when it comes to professional Janitorial Services.  It is important to maintain these ethics that are set forth by the Cleaning Industry management system, but it is even more essential to meet client expectations while on the job:CIMS janitorial services industry

  1. Quality system

The quality of service should not decline. Therefore, it is pertinent that any janitorial service follows training methodologies to prepare their employees. Advancements are not just for the glamorous sectors but also blue-collar jobs.

W2 companies take special measures to train their employees with updated and upgraded cleaning systems.  This ensures that their work is up to the client’s expectation. The employees receive thorough training to follow the principles of in-depth sanitization. This helps to maintain the health of the employers and the clients in equal measures.

Some areas such as bathrooms, breakrooms, canteens, and outdoor regions require pain-staking measures to keep them clean and purified at all times. These places tend to breed infections faster; therefore, it is important to go the extra mile and ensure that each nook and corner is germ-free. Quality matters above all else.

  1. Service delivery

The quality of the industry for Janitorial Services can only be assessed by the level of customer satisfaction.How much experience do you have

Janitorial Services have an obligation to meet health and cleanliness standards.  It is not just about the sweeping and mopping the floors but also about cleaning the overall facility.

Cleaning a commercial property may include cleaning the walls and ceilings as well. Then there are the ventilation systems to keep the air in your property purified as well. We must not forget the bathrooms they are usually a major point of potential spread of viruses or diseases. The toilets are not the only features that require cleaning. There’s the sinks, partition walls between stalls, the floors, all the touch surfaces including the pull or push handle to enter the restroom.   Drains and outlets can breed bacteria, and can cause unwanted smells in the restroom area.

All Janitorial Services must focus on cleaning the commercial property in its entirety. The end result is what matters most, not the process itself. Therefore, as long as the services can deliver a spotlessly clean and hygienic property, customers are bound for satisfaction.

This phenomenon is particularly important to W2 contractors because customer satisfaction and their feedback are their top priorities. These Janitorial Service industries rely heavily on customer feedback to learn and improve their services further so they can meet client expectations head-on. This also enables them to understand the growing needs and modify and upgrade their services accordingly. Customer satisfaction and feedback are an important part of Janitorial Services.

  1. Human resources

Much like any other industry, Janitorial Services also encourage employee satisfaction. A happy and fulfilled, not to mention appreciated employee will always provide excellent service. Whether they work in an office or clean the office, it is important to keep up morale.

Company CultureThe Cleaning Industry and Management services stress proper human resource management in Janitorial Services. The aim is to ensure that each employee who works hard in cleaning and polishing the working environment should receive proper compensation and supported by the organization.

While this is a less than viable solution for franchises as they manage vast systems, W2 contractor companies pay special attention to their employees.

Every employee is groomed and trained, of course. But aside from that, W2 companies also focus on the welfare of their employees. The mandated rule plays a big part in this system, but more than that, W2 companies are close-knit. Therefore, each employee is an important part of their organization.

The human resource factor adds to make the employees feel comfortable and supported at all times. They can express their grievances and know that they will be addressed to make their work less stressful.

Human resources in Janitorial Services also help highlight any problems in the process that higher management can easily look into. Maybe there is a requirement for upgraded equipment or employees’ monthly plans need to be revised. These problems should be brought to the attention of the Human resource team along with any cases of harassment, unfulfilled contracts, and other such important agendas.

Human resources in Janitorial Services help to keep employees satisfied and motivated.

  1. Health, safety, and environmental stewardship

Environmental factors play a major role in all industries alike now. It is up to us to protect our environment and contribute whatever we can to control the drastic climatic changes.

The Cleaning Industry Management services provides guidelines to ensure that all Janitorial Services follow these protocols as well. True, Janitorial Services may not have a lot of contribution towards finding alternative fuel sources or any major technological advancements. However, Janitorial Services are heavily reliant on the use of powerful chemicals for cleaning and sanitization.  In this way Janitorial services can hand pick industrial products that are green and will still do the correct safety and envoirnment

It is essential to each chemical’s usage and its proper proportions to ensure that employees and clients do not suffer from harmful exposure. Janitorial Services must always adhere to training employees in using these chemicals and stress the importance of wearing adequate personal protective equipment at all times.

Aside from the training, Janitorial Services must also conduct research on currently changing dynamics and stay updated on new and improved cleaning equipment that helps lower the carbon footprint as well as protect the environment.

Going green works for all businesses alike, and Janitorial Services are no exceptions. That is why W2 contractors such as TC services take pain-staking measures to ensure that they research and learn about new developments in the cleaning industry. Each employee is then trained to use these changing methodologies to provide excellent services to their clients while contributing to the benefit of the environment.

Janitorial Services are in a great position to influence change.

  1. Mananagement commitmenttraining janitorial industry

the cleaning industry, every member of the organization plays an important role. The employees may be responsible for conducting the Janitorial Services‘ operations, but it is up to the higher management to ensure that their amenities are top-notch.

They have a responsibility to clients and employees alike. Higher management commitment should be to their contracts and focus on providing the client with excellent service and satisfaction. To accomplish this, higher management must train employees for excellence.

It is important to understand what the client wants as well. For most Janitorial Services in the office spaces, the criteria remain pretty standard. However, when it comes to other forms of commercial buildings, such as warehouses, client expectations may vary from one building to another. Some clients may have compulsive needs, while some may have special requirements due to the special needs of the employees working in the commercial building.

Expectations must be met to provide satisfaction. It is up to higher management to learn what the client needs and provide adequate information to their employees to avoid complications.

Higher management needs to commit to clients wholeheartedly.

  1. Green building

The green initiative implementation is a must in the industry for Janitorial Services to be on par with the constantly changing work environments. Even their buildings, offices, products, and services must be upgraded and well-suited to accommodate environmental factors.Green Cleaning janitorial services

W2 Janitorial Services are particularly inclined to follow these measures as they work in smaller circles and are more focused on helping and caring to make the world a healthier and peaceful place to live in.

Janitorial Services are generally overlooked. These necessary amenities make life easier for everyone while providing added benefits to our health and prosperous living.

It is hard to imagine what the state of our Earth would be today if not for these men and women who dedicate their lives to keeping our surroundings clean and hygienic so we can live more fulfilled lives. Hospitals and pharmaceuticals, industries such as petrochemicals and manufacturing, not to mention our daily office environment, are heavily reliant on Janitorial Services.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the importance of janitorial services and the differences in the industry.  From 1099 or subcontractors to janitorial companies that hire only W2 employees to the nacional certifications a company can attain.  When looking for a janitorial company its important to know the differences to make the best informed decision for your employees and customers.


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