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Expert Janitorial Services in Charleston: Do You Need One?

Janitorial Company in Charleston South Carolina

TC Services, LLC is now providing premier janitorial services in Charleston South Carolina.

The need for professional commercial cleaning and janitorial services in areas like Charleston SC only continues to grow. This demand is not only in healthcare establishments such as doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospital systems, but also a growing need for retail establishments and industrial facilities: whether small, medium, or large. 

With over 200 clients in the medical field in addition to retail and industrial clients, TC Services’ commercial cleaning services are available in a growing number of localities throughout the Carolina’s. 

The professionals at TC Services janitorial services in Charleston, South Carolina will work closely with you and your staff to provide the best methods for nightly and daily cleaning, disinfection, floor care, supply ordering and inventory, as well as a variety of exterior cleaning procedures and other processes. 

TC Services

Founder and president of TC Services, Jason Staiger, recognized the burgeoning need for expert janitorial services in South Carolina many years ago. The result of his endeavors has been a thriving, family-owned and operated, commercial cleaning service company readily recognized for its strong work ethic.

Additionally, TC Services expanded quickly from a modest janitorial company to a highly successful business servicing the Charleston SC area in less than 5 years years.

Staiger has retained his original objective of providing janitorial services in Charleston SC area, a robust business that’s characterized by a well-defined and dedicated team of individuals. In addition, he has always maintained that “Team cleaning is an integral and necessary part of what we do.”

But Staiger saw clearly that the demands reach far beyond the immediacy of janitorial needs in South Carolina. Unquestionably, he has been systematic to set in place an ever-growing emphasis on best environmental practices — practices such as sustainability, minimizing chemical use and chemical waste, Green Cleaning, Green Building, and energy conservation. 

Our Credentials

You only need to view the impressive certifications TC Services, LLC has been awarded to recognize their serious commitment to environmental and safety issues in the Charleston, SC area.ISSA or international sanitary supply association for janitorial services  

  • LEED Certification 

If your facility in the Charleston SC area is in need of acquiring LEED points, TC Services, LLC can maintain all the necessary documentation needed for LEED certification. Particularly, thiis includes training logs, equipment logs, sustainable purchase logs, and more. TC Services’ certifications allow them to award LEED points to you.  

  • CIMS Green Building with Honors Certification 

Above all, TC Services, LLC has been awarded the highest certifications in the industry from the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA). ISSA is the leading global authority in the commercial cleaning service industry, and their certifications enable TC Services to remain compliant with government-mandated standards, all of which have become even more crucial during the COVID-19 era.

  • Complementing the CIMS certification, TC Services, LLC also has multiple managers who’ve earned RBSM designations from the BSCAI. These Registered Building Service Manager designations are awarded by the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI). In fact, this designation is the most reputable one for building service contracting management. Any Charleston or Greenville area facility will benefit from an association with the trained managers at TC Services, LLC.


Significantly, TC Services, LLC understands all the “green trends” and their increasingly prominent place in the janitorial services industry in the Charleston SC area. We continue to develop better methods of sustainability and bring best practices to our programs as they emerge.

Perhaps you want to include “greener” components in your South Carolina facility’s janitorial services. Undoubtedly, TC Services, LLC will work hand-in-hand with you to reduce environmental impact. 

Our cleaning equipment program is designed specifically for the LEED certification program. TCS is also able to customize a plan for their janitorial services in Charleston SC area clients to meet the criteria of the U.S. Green Building Council. Moreover, this criteria is one element of pursuing LEED Certification.

Look at a few of the many ways TC Services, LLC of Charleston South Carolina can help you to meet standards of green labeling to become even more environmentally responsible:

  • The use of “Green” chemicals, and consumables such as paper and trash liners to minimize chemical use/waste and reduce the amount of packaging
  • Use microfiber technology such as microfiber dust mops, wet mops, microfiber cloths, and handheld microfiber dusting tools
  • Cleaning equipment that meets or exceeds standards for green cleaning of LEED certified buildings, using effective environmentally safe) chemicals
  • Green cleaning training that’s based on the “Healthy High-Performance Cleaning” program designed to meet or exceed standards for LEED certification
  • Energy conservation planning: daytime cleaning and team cleaning to keep light, heating, and air conditioning needs low
  • Compliance with applicable regulations, working with government agencies and responsible citizen organizations within the Charleston SC area communities we serve
  • A strong commitment to prevent pollution, reduce waste emissions, and to re-use, recover, and recycle wherever possible

TCS of Charleston SC implements good channels of information between management, each of their Charleston SC area customers, and their employees. Moreover, these management skills maintain quality control and assurance. 

Not only do we ask TCS of Charleston employees to provide professional, reliable janitorial services through the implementation of good communication, teamwork, and integrity, but we set out to train every employee to be knowledgeable, polite, helpful. 

Most important, we expect our employees to treat customers and fellow employees alike with the respect that is due to them. 

Our Model For Janitorial Services in Charleston South Carolina

TC Services, LLC of Charleston South Carolina uses Key Performance Indicators to measure performance, completing all services as contracted. Moreover, messaging between TCS and customers is documented. Significantly, it’s our primary goal that your facilities will be consistently sanitary and well-managed for the rate that you’re paying.

To build lasting relationships with you as our customer, we strive to:

  • Be proactive with the customer, always operating with the customer’s best interests in mind
  • Address, correct, and follow up on any concerns or issues in a timely manner to resolve them
  • Always be on the lookout for innovations and improvements to integrate 

Customer surveys keep TC Services, LLC connected with the appropriate contact person or persons in your facility. Responses from these customer surveys allow us to measure satisfaction and incorporate your feedback through a formal action plan.

If your facility in the Charleston SC area is need any of these services…

Full-service cleaning programs

Day and weekend porter services

Floor care programs

Carpet care programs

Specialty cleaning services

Window cleaning services

Waste removal

Construction cleaning

Event cleaning services

Pressure washing

…then you should make it a point to contact us! Call or email to schedule a consultation. Let’s see what we can do for you!

Our Janitorial Services Coverage Area

These are the main areas where we provide our janitorial and commercial cleaning service:

  • Janitorial Services in Charleston SC
  • Janitorial Services in Greenville SC
  • Janitorial Services in Simpsonville SCJanitorial Services in Charleston South Carolina
  • Janitorial Services in Easley SC
  • Janitorial Services in Seneca SC
  • Janitorial Services in Spartanburg SC
  • Janitorial Services in Duncan SC
  • Janitorial Services in Columbia SC
  • Janitorial Services in Greenwood SC
  • Janitorial Services in Laurens SC
  • Janitorial Services in Raleigh NC
  • Janitorial Services in Asheville NC
  • Janitorial Services in Charlotte NC

Now What?

But don’t be afraid to contact us and ask if we can help you! We’ve added more service areas as we have grown and we’re eager to make arrangements that best serve our customers.

In-depth industry knowledge, fair business practices, and good pricing continue to lead us to new markets. When you’re looking for a full-service janitorial service company in the Charleston SC area for medical, retail, and industrial facilities, we trust you will think of us.

In addition, we’re committed to excellence in customer service, along with hard work, and integrity. 

Founder Jason Staiger was identified with this motto — “Do what you say, and say what you mean.” 

His fresh, thorough approach resulted in TC Services exceeding the competition in janitorial services in Charleston, South Carolina and beyond. TCS embodies all that a commercial cleaning service should aim for.

A Few Accolades

We believe that the passion of TC Services, LLC shines through, and that what you’ve learned about us builds trust. You may want to hear a few glowing comments we’ve received:

“TC Services, LLC and management have been doing our cleaning services since January of 2019.  The ob/gyn could not be happier with the excellent services they provide.” 

“TC Services is both competent and professional and always gets the job done.  They are very responsive to our requests and the managers come by the office every few weeks and check on things personally.”

“TC Services LLC provides the best cleaning services I have experienced in years. I highly recommend their services to any business who wants a company that ‘gets the job done.’ ”

Additional Services Offered with our janitorial services in Charleston South Carolina

And one additional customer’s feedback: 

“I had concrete cleaning service (from TCS) via commercial high-pressure wash. The service was outstanding, prompt, and professional. The technician was attentive to detail, courteous, and skilled. The results speak for themselves. I highly recommend TC Services for any of your cleaning needs.”

TC Services, LLC is a large janitorial service company that is proud to operate in South Carolina according to a robust work ethic. 

Additionally, we think you’ll appreciate how TC Services janitorial services in Charleston, South Carolina operates under several key priorities:

  • Firstly, to be God-honoring
  • Secondly, to seek to treat others in the way they want to be treated
  • Lastly, to remain legal, just, honest, and ethical in all dealings with employees, customers and vendors, and expecting the same of others in return.

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