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Choosing Janitorial Services in Charleston, SC: A How-To

janitorial service near me in charleston SC

Are you looking for a way to keep your commercial property as clean as can be? Do you find that your current cleaning system—such as assigning your employees chores—isn’t working? If so, then you need to hire a professional Charleston SC janitorial services near me.

Doing so can help you improve your quality control, lessen the tasks on your plate, and even reduce the number of sick days that your staff takes. You might be wondering, “How can I find the best janitorial company near me?”

So keep on reading below for an in-depth guide listing all of the ways you can find a trustworthy cleaning company.

1. Look for Positive Customer Feedback

Charleston, South Carolina is filled with thriving businesses just like yours. Whether you’re in healthcare, religious, education, industrial, commercial, or corporate, you can bet some companies have hired janitorial services to keep their space tidy.

That’s to your benefit! You can use their past experiences to gauge whether or not a janitorial service company can be trusted with your needs.

There are two great ways to get access to customer feedback: read online reviews and/or request client references from the janitorial service you’re considering.

You can find online reviews by either Googling the name of the service or simply reading the feedback on their website. Whichever route you choose, here are a few questions that you can use to find the perfect fit:

  • Do the previous customers seem satisfied with the level of service they received?
  • How long has the client been using this janitorial service company?
  • What services did the cleaning company perform for them? Did they like the results?
  • How big is their property?
  • What is the usual turnaround time when they perform their services?

Moreover, using the answers to these questions, you can have more confidence in the janitorial company that you choose.

2. Look for a Variety of Services in Charleston SC janitorial services near mecleaning offices

Not all janitorial needs are created equal. Some of our clients require a full-service janitorial service. Others only require certain services that we offer since they have an in-house worker to do the rest.

Significantly, it’s important to find a janitorial company in Charleston that’s flexible. Someone that can offer you a wide range of services. This will ensure that you get the highest return on your investment.

We offer all of the following services:

  • Full-Service Janitorial Services
  • Full-Service Custodial Services
  • Supplemental Staffing
  • Overflow Staffing
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Complete Stripping and Waxing
  • Exterior Building Cleaning
  • Light Maintenance Duties
  • Supply Orders and management Services

When you work with us, you’re guaranteeing yourself an optimal clean. We develop our staff and invest in high-quality training for all of our services. This helps us ensure that they exceed your expectations, perform the job efficiently, and take pride in their job positions.

As if the training wasn’t enough to ensure a positive result, we’re also big on incentivizing our staff to go above and beyond. Our inspection scores and system for monitoring customer feedback drives home the point.

Undoubtedly, no matter what services you invest in from TC Services, we know you’ll be floored by the results!

3. COVID-19 Disinfecting Capabilitiescovid-19 cleaning/disinfecting

This is the world that we live in today. Obviously, COVID-19 is a part of the way companies conduct their business, for better or for worse.

The important thing is that you’re making all of your customers feel comfortable. You need to ensure that your commercial property is cleaned up to the latest standards and regulations of organizations such as:

We pay special attention to things like efficacy—the time that it takes for a chemical to break down the outer cell walls of an organism. For COVID-19 disinfecting specifically, our chemical of choice has a 5-minute efficacy rate.

We can ensure that your property is clean and healthy while still ensuring a quick turnaround for your company.

4. Look for Optimal Communication

A reputable janitorial company in Charleston will always prioritize communication with their commercial clients. They also know how important it is to keep you in the loop.

You can gauge a janitorial service’s communication level during the initial call. Simply dial them up and ask them as many questions as you have. In addition, pay special attention to how they answer each.

Do they take the time to answer your questions thoroughly? Do they seem knowledgeable about the services they offer?

If you notice that they’re trying to rush you off of the phone, then it’s best to look elsewhere. Your company only deserves the finest service.

5. Follow Appropriate Standardscertified-janitorial-services

Janitorial services don’t have to reinvent the wheel to perform a high-quality service. They should simply follow the standards and regulations that are provided by knowledgeable organizations.

Here at TC Services, each of our services are in regular compliance, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. This ensures that we prioritize the health and safety of our staff and yours.

We can build a business relationship with you that will stand the test of time. Undoubtedly, we’ll always be your go-to resource for commercial cleaning.

Find a Professional Charleston SC Janitorial Services Near Me

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on how to find a professional Charleston SC janitorial company near me, be sure to use this information wisely.

Take the time to read this article for more information on choosing the best janitorial cleaning company to hire. To get started, please call us directly at 864-631-1137 and we will be happy to assist you further.


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