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Effective Hard Floor Cleaner Techniques: Maintain & Shine

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Hard floors are great because they are durable and easier to clean than the alternatives. In fact, hardwood floors can last up to 100 years! However, they come with their own quirks and idiosyncrasies that the owner should know.

For example, a cleaning product may be perfectly fine on oiled hardwood floors but will completely ruin lacquered floors. Preventing mistakes like these is an important part of caring for a hard floor.

This guide will be looking at cleaning hard floors and protecting them while doing so. This advice will include the type of  cleaner you need while also going over a few key maintenance tips. Read on to find out more!

Picking the Right Hard Floor Cleaner

As already mentioned, picking the right  cleaner makes the difference between making your floor look nice and ruining it entirely. So, making the right moves in choosing a floor cleaner will prevent stress and frustration later on.

Finding the Best Floor Cleaner

First off, consider the types of floors that are present in your building or buildings. Are you dealing with hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, or something else entirely? Knowing exactly what you have will guide you in picking the right floor cleaner.

Then, look into cleaners that suit that option. Make sure your search is only for the type of floor you are dealing with. If you have multiple types of floors, do individual searches for each one.

Stay away from options that will be problematic for the type of substrate you have. Water or liquid cleaners work great on some floors but have the potential to warp or damage wood floors. Specifically, check the cleaner you are using to see if it has the potential to negatively impact your floors.

Consider Green Options

Many individuals and businesses are looking into ways of going green. Individuals often find a benefit in the use of less harsh chemicals. Businesses derive a similar benefit while also being able to advertise the fact that their business makes use of green cleaning.

This is why, when picking out a floor cleaner, consider green options. In many cases, these are just as effective as the mainstream options. So, there is often little to no downside to choosing green cleaning over regular cleaning.

Test Your Final Choice

Once you have a chemical, you may think the process is over. However, there is still one final step that is essential to consider. This step is testing the chemical.

Testing the cleaner on your floor will let you know it is safe to use. It is best to test it first, as doing so will only damage a small piece of your floor rather than all of it.

Pick a small portion of the floor, preferably one that isn’t as noticeable as others or that isn’t in the main area. Use your cleaner to clean this portion of the floor. Do so in the same way that you would if you were cleaning the entire floor.

After this section of the floor is clean, check back in on it. Did it work, or did it create any problems?

If it worked, then you have your floor cleaner. If it caused an unpleasant reaction or created any other problems, then you need to start the search for a new cleaner.

Maintenance Advice

While finding a good floor cleaner will allow you to polish your floors, proper maintenance will keep the substrate looking beautiful. Without proper maintenance, your floors will never be at their best and could potentially damage it permanently.

Regularly Clean Your Floor

One of the best and simplest pieces of floor maintenance advice is to regularly clean your floors. This ensures that your floors are constantly free from debris and that your floor finish has a chance to shine.

Regular maintenance is also a simple way to prevent small problems in the present from becoming big problems in the future. A little bit of dirt and debris is easy to clean now, but the stain created by allowing them to sit is a lot harder to clean.

Imagine an office building where construction is going on right outside of the building. Because of this, the workers regularly come in with dirt or mud on their shoes, which ends up right at the office entryway. If this dirt is allowed to just sit there, it will eventually damage or even stain the flooring, which will require a deep cleaning later on.

Set up a Maintenance Schedule

The easiest way to regularly clean your floor is to set up a schedule for it. Having cleaning occur on a regular basis ensures that it is actually accomplished.

Another way to approach this is to hire a cleaning service. This guarantees that the cleaning will be completed and that it will be completed regularly.

A cleaning service also has the advantage of being professionally trained and using a host of professional cleaning products. Instead of worrying about what you need to use and how you should be cleaning, you can just let the professionals take care of it.

Let Your Hard Floor Shine

Picking the right hard floor cleaner ensures that your property’s floors will look their best. Staying on top of your floor’s maintenance ensures they will continue to look their best for a long time to come. Together, these factors are essential in having a beautiful substrate.

If you are interested in keeping your hard floors clean, make sure to contact TC Services to find out about the cleaning options they provide.


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