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Employment Benefits, Incentives, & Qualifications

Here are some of the benefits of joining the TC Services team:

TC Services believes offering more benefits to employees assures lower turnover and happier customers, we provide the following benefits for employees.

Simple IRA

Full-Time employees eligible to participate

After one year of service, all eligible full time employees are able to participate in a Simple IRA retirement plan.


The vacation requirements are unique for various clients we currently serve since our programs are customized to a budget that is mutually agreed upon between both parties. We do offer vacation pay to full time employees that have one year of full time service or more

Referral Program

Full time and part-time employees are eligible. Employees are eligible to receive a $50.00 referral fee when they refer a new employee that is hired to work at TC Services. The referral fee is paid after the first 90 days.


Holiday pay is paid when an employee works on a designated holiday. Holiday pay is 1.5 times the employee’s normal wage rate.

Pay Card

TC Services employees have the opportunity to enroll in pay cards through TC Services which include benefits such as basic checking account, savings options, and free online/mobile banking.


All employees are issued uniforms, including polo type logo shirts, aprons, t-shirts and hats

Retention and Associate Incentive Plan

TC Services believes that it is essential to focus on employee retention and satisfaction. We are committed to building a team of Great People by recruiting and hiring the most qualified, service-focused individuals to take care of our customers. We truly believe that our most valuable asset is our Great People and we treat them with the utmost respect. TC Services also targets the following additional areas to minimize turnover as much as possible.

Ø Transfers reassignment

Ø Flexible scheduling

Ø Opportunities for career advancement and promoting within

Ø Extensive employee orientation

Ø Supervisory leadership

Ø Multiple interview w/ TC Services management team

While competitive wages are important, other factors influence an employee’s job satisfaction. We have found much success in providing various benefits, recognition and incentive programs to our employees that have helped to significantly reduce turnover. It starts with a simply philosophy, “retain your employees, retain your customer.” In addition to the standard benefits previously listed, we also offer:

Ø Employee of the Month/Quarter, employee appreciate lunches

Ø Perfect attendance program, monthly gift certificates for achievements

Ø Tickets to local athletic events or concerts

Ø Quality assurance award, tuition reimbursement

Ø On the spot awards-part of the TC Services quality assurance program is the concept of “catching someone doing something RIGHT.” Our management team provides on-the-spot recognition in the form of gift cards to recognize strong performance, provide a thank you or “just because”

Ø Safety Awards -TC Services actively promotes a safe working environment.

As part of our employee retention commitment, we also offer exceptional service recognition and safety programs, one-on-one training, employee and birthday recognition programs, and client tailored processes and programs that have allowed us to retain our exceptional employees.

Employee of the Month

All employees that meet the following qualifications/scoring will be entered into a drawing for employee of the Month Award which included a certificate and a cash award (Visa gift card).

Ø Attendance – attendance is one of the primary components of the job. Employee of the month scoring recognizes this fact, so any employee that misses a day of work during the month, whether the day is excused or not, is eliminated from that months drawing.

Ø Quality of Work – the quality of work that an employee performs will be judged in two ways; inspections and complaints/compliments from the facility the employee works in. One complaint or one inspection score below 90 during the month will eliminate that employee from the drawing.

Ø Longevity – the overall longevity of the employee and tenure will plan a major contributing factor for employee of the month; the longer the employee has been employee with TC Services.

All manager/supervisor that meet the following qualifications/scoring will be recognized monthly for bonuses to be included on their paycheck.

Qualification/scoring for manager/supervisor of the month:

Ø Inspection scores – when a mangers area receives inspections above the score of 85 in all related work for the month.

Ø Work order/inspection close out – when a manager closes out and delivers service in the allotted time for every work order and inspection received.

Ø Survey – when compliments are received or survey scores are above 90 the manager/supervisor will receive recognition immediately.

It’s our culture to reward and recognize employees for performing at praiseworthy levels. We work with employees and our clients to offer programs that meet everyone’s needs and promote quality control. It’s our policy to work with employees who do not meet quality expectations by offering additional training and coaching opportunities.

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