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Professional Cleaning with CIMS Certification: What You Need to Know?

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Why Choose a CIMS Certified Cleaning Company?


The importance of cleaning your commercial facilities with a CIMS Certified cleaning company

With your commercial property housing employees, visitors and customers for the better part of the day and sometimes into the night. The importance of cleanliness cannot be overemphasized. That’s why you want to look for a certified cleaning company. While many out there can offer cleaning services, using professional cleaners guarantees quality cleaning. So how do you differentiate between a CIMS certified or professional cleaner from others? One of the ways through which you can identify a professional or certified company is the certifications they hold.

With the CIMS certification, you are assured that the company has fulfilled certain measures and requirements. Moreover, monitoring them constantly to ensure compliance to the quality standards set by the regulatory body. So, what are some of the requirements that a professional or certified cleaning company fulfill?

  • The company should only employ people who are qualified, i.e. professionals who have basic training experience and passed the recommended tests.
  • The company itself should also have experienced a number of tests and standardization.

Hiring such a company

A CIMS certified cleaning company undergoes rigorous checks before getting certified. Also, once certified the company must maintain the required standards. To ensure that this happens, a regulatory body conducts regular audits. Hiring such a company makes sure that you are getting cleaning services that meet the highest standards. Regulatory bodies have a responsibility in maintaining services offered by a cleaning company are quality, safe and reliable. A given company will therefore strive to meet these requirements because violating any rules or regulations will bring action against them.

On the other hand, cleaning companies that are not certified are not answerable to professional bodies. Therefore, they do not feel obliged to meet these quality requirements. This means that the customer does not get the highest quality service.

Hiring a professional or certified cleaning company assures the customers of reliable, safe and quality services. The company not only has the responsibility of meeting the customers’ requirements but also ensuring that they conduct themselves in a manner that is acceptable in their profession and according to the certification standards.

It is not just about the quality of services, but the fact that the company is regulated by a professional body compels them to charge reasonable fees. A professional cleaning company will not by any means charge too high or offer services that do not meet the customer’s needs. You can guarantee a clean environment and an atmosphere that is conducive for work.

Choosing a professional cleaning – a CIMS certified cleaning company

Choosing a professional cleaning service not only guarantees quality services. It also ensures that your environment motivates employees, further improving their productivity.


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