Applying Disinfectant Correctly


Chemical disinfectants can do a lot of great things if used correctly. But if used incorrectly, they can also cause a host of issues. Such is the case right now as chemical disinfectants are being widely misused in the fight against COVID-19, according to ManageMen.

ManageMen also cites a recent Insurance Journal magazine report which states that the overuse of disinfectant can have an impact on up to 10 percent of people, including those with asthma, migraine sufferers and those who have issues with their immune system.

To avoid using disinfectant incorrectly, MangeMen suggests the following:

1. Disinfect only after surfaces have been cleaned

2. Have trained staff carry out the process

3. Disinfect in well-ventilated areas

4. Have those applying disinfectant wear proper personal protective equipment

5. Pair disinfecting procedures with regular hand washing and social distancing.

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