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About TC Services

TC Services has made a commitment to the janitorial industry through research, education, certifications, and training to provide the most knowledgeable staff not only for today's cleaning but insights into tomorrow's cleaning and janitorial environment.

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TC Services' CIMS Certification Excellence

TC Services, proudly serving North Carolina and South Carolina, is a CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) Certified company. This prestigious certification underscores our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and customer-focused practices in the cleaning industry.

CIMS certification is a comprehensive framework that ensures a cleaning service provider meets rigorous standards for quality, efficiency, and environmental stewardship. For TC Services, this recognition not only highlights our dedication to maintaining high standards of service but also positions us as a leader in the cleaning industry within the Carolinas, ensuring our clients receive top-tier, professional janitorial services that meet their specific needs.

Company History

TC Services is a janitorial company based out of Greenville South Carolina. The company currently operates out of one location strategically located in the heart of Greenville. The company’s inception began with an idea to offer a great service for competitive rates while proactively creating a professional environment in the cleaning industry. These core values and ideas have led TC Services on its way of quickly becoming a leader in the industry, Jason Staiger, whose motto has always been:

“Do what you say, and say what you mean.”

These simple, yet, key words are the driving force that has propelled the family-owned company from a modestly small janitorial company to a large janitorial and cleaning company. 

TC Services started in 2012 with a focus on changing the cleaning mentality, it is vital and integral to TC Services to professionalize the business and create a new image of cleaning companies. TC Services has steadily grown since its beginning through carefully chosen markets.   

TC Services has become one of the premier full service janitorial companies in the Carolina’s. The company offers supply ordering and inventory management, floor work, carpet cleaning, nightly and daily cleaning with above industry standard cleanings.

TC Services Received the highest certifications in the industry with a CIMS Green Building with Honors certification from the ISSA in October 2017.  TC Services has since re-certified again October 2019 and again in 2021.  TC Services has also Certified multiple managers with RBSM designations from the BSCAI.

Our Mission Statement

TC Services LLC is dedicated to providing exceptional janitorial services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our mission is to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness, professionalism, and reliability, ensuring that every customer knows our vision. Through our commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction, we aim to become the trusted partner in maintaining healthy, welcoming environments for businesses and communities.

Our Values

At TC Services LLC, our values serve as the cornerstone of everything we do:

1. Excellence – We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality janitorial services with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to surpassing expectations.

2. Integrity – We conduct our business with honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior, ensuring trust and respect in all our interactions.

3. Reliability – We pride ourselves on our consistency and dependability, always delivering on our promises and meeting deadlines with precision.

4. Customer Focus – We prioritize the needs of our clients, striving to understand their unique requirements and providing personalized solutions that exceed their satisfaction.

5. Teamwork – We foster a collaborative environment where every member is valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best, recognizing that our collective efforts drive our success.

6. Innovation – We embrace creativity, adaptability, and forward-thinking to continuously improve our services, processes, and technologies, staying ahead of industry trends and meeting evolving client needs.

7. Sustainability – We are committed to environmental responsibility, implementing eco-friendly practices and products to minimize our ecological footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

These values guide our actions and decisions, shaping our culture and driving us towards our mission and vision.

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