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Office Cleaning Company: 8 Signs You Need to Hire One

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Office cleaning companies are vital.  Did you know that 61.7 million Americans work at small businesses? If you lead one of those offices, you want to do everything you can to maintain a healthy and competitive work environment. Moreover, if you’ve been neglecting to take care of an essential task like cleaning, you owe it to your business to make cleaning a priority.

You’ll have happier employees and impress your guests. So, read on to learn about the 8 signs that you need to hire an office cleaning company!

1. You Can See Dust and Dirt

One of the most obvious reasons to turn to professional cleaners is the sight of dirt and grime in the workplace. A dirty workplace won’t exactly impress prospective employees when they take an office tour. And current employees may wonder whether you care about their well-being.

Dusty tile floors or carpets littered with crumbs are hard to conceal. Likewise, overhead fans and light fixtures caked in dust can bring down the energy of an office unless you take action to clean them.

2. You Avoid Inviting Clients to the Office

Do you have stains on carpets, dusty window ledges, and overflowing trash bins? These aren’t exactly signs of a professional workspace. If your office space doesn’t look its best, you may be wary of inviting clients or investors in for a visit.

Feeling concerned about the physical appearance of your workspace is a big red flag. You should want to invite clients to your turf to make the best impression possible. Significantly, turning to regular janitorial services or spot cleanings can help ensure that your workspace is fit for visitors.

3. Employees Are Less Productive

When productivity starts to wane, it could be due to an unsanitary office. Employees may feel uninspired to use a dirty desk or gross computer keyboard. Moreover, if the break room is covered in stains and spills, they won’t feel like they have an outlet.

Invest in a professional office cleaning company to create a better environment. When employees can smell the clean scent of a fresh break room or bathroom, they might just feel more inspired to work. They’ll also feel valued when they notice that you’re willing to invest in routine cleaning.

4. More Employees Are Taking Sick Days

Are more employees calling in sick? If you’ve seen an uptick in sick days, your office may be the culprit. Especially during flu season, it’s critical to be more vigilant about germs and maintain a cleaner office.

A janitorial service can wipe down countertops, doorknobs, and other frequently touched areas. Regular sanitation also helps limit the spread of germs within a workplace. And committing to routine cleaning might just help reduce the number of employees taking sick days.

5. Office Morale Needs a Boost from office cleaning companies

You may have employees who are constantly using dirty keyboards or wiping sticky countertops in the office kitchenette. And there’s a good chance that they’re probably not happy about it. In addition, being forced to work in an environment that doesn’t feel sanitary will bring down office morale.

Show your employees you value them by committing to nightly or weekly cleanings. Start cleaning office windows to let in more natural light. Your employees will love the better view — and you may notice that the sunlight also improves their mood.

Sunlight is known to help boost morale by promoting the release of serotonin. This hormone helps encourage people to feel calm and productive. Sunlight also offers a dose of vitamin D!

6. You Lack Cleaning Equipment

Obviously, office cleaning supplies are an essential part of a cleaning routine. If you don’t already have vacuums, disinfectants, and other cleaning staples, you should let the professionals step in.

You may actually save on office cleaning costs by hiring the pros. That’s because you won’t need to make an upfront investment in equipment. Specialized products and machines to treat tile floors or carpet stains can be costly.

Further, professional cleaners will have the right expertise. They will know which cleaning products are compatible with different types of materials. In addition, that means you’ll be able to maintain your floors, countertops, and carpets for a longer stretch of time.

7. Employees Are Cleaning instead of office cleaning companies

When you see employees wiping down desks, monitors, and keyboards, you have a problem. Your employees shouldn’t feel responsible for maintaining sanitary conditions in their workspace. And a good manager won’t expect employees to pick up the slack.

Unless cleaning is in the scope of their job description, your employees shouldn’t have to do it. You might see an uptick in turnover rates. Employees don’t want to feel like they have to take on extra responsibilities just to have a sanitary workspace.

8. You Don’t Have Time to Clean

While you might be able to sweep your immediate office space occasionally, do you have time to tackle the whole office? The reality is that most office managers and employees simply don’t. It’s hard to take on cleaning responsibilities in addition to everything else.

Cleaning office carpets thoroughly is a time commitment. The same is true for scrubbing bathrooms and restocking supplies like toilet paper and paper towels.

Significantly, a professional cleaning company can take care of inventory management for you. This ensures that your office always has the resources employees need.

Hire an Office Cleaning Company

It’s time to hire an office cleaning company when employee morale is down and your office looks uninviting. If you’re already stretched thin, don’t make current employees clean. Invest in professional cleaners to tackle the tasks and create a healthier work environment.

When you’re ready to improve your office cleaning routine, contact us so we can help!


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