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Essential Tips: Avoid These 6 Mistakes in SC Janitorial Hiring

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Are you thinking of requesting commercial janitorial services SC this year? You’re not alone. In fact, the US professional cleaning services market could reach $100 billion by 2026.

More businesses are relying on professional janitorial cleaning services to keep their workspaces sparkling and spotless. Not every janitorial business offers the same high-quality services, though. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the first company you call.

In fact, here are six mistakes you’ll want to avoid during your search.

Dodging these mistakes can help you find the best janitorial service around. You can feel confident knowing an experienced, professional team is on the job. They’ll ensure your business is spotless and ready for customers with every service.

Avoid making costly mistakes when hiring a janitorial company by reading this helpful guide today!

1. Not Calling Their ReferencesReferences

You’ll likely find a long list of janitorial businesses within your area as you search for a reliable team. If you want to narrow down your options, ask each company for references. Make sure to call at least three references for each business.

Some business owners make the mistake of trusting a company’s references are legit without calling to confirm. Take the time to speak with a few of the company’s recent clients. Ask each client about their experience with the janitorial team.

You might want to make a list of questions you want to ask each client before calling. For example, consider asking:

  • Did the team arrive on time
  • Were you satisfied with their work
  • Did you encounter any problems
  • Did the company find a solution to the issue
  • Would you hire them again
  • Were you satisfied with the cost of their services

Making a list of questions you want to ask can help you find a janitorial team based on your distinct priorities. Speaking with the company’s previous clients can help ensure they’re reliable, too. You can learn from the clients who were once in your shoes.

In addition to speaking with the company’s clients over the phone, head online. Visit the company’s Yelp, Google My Business, and BBB listings. You can visit these websites to find additional client reviews.

Look for comments about the company’s professionalism, timeliness, and quality of services.

2. Never Checking The Credentials of Janitorial Services SCjanitorial service SC

There are now over 1,081,400 janitorial services businesses employing 2,079,164 professionals across the US. Not every team has their paperwork in order, though. Before hiring commercial janitorial services SC, make sure to review the company’s paperwork.

First, confirm that each company is licensed. Double-check and make sure their license is up-to-date as well. Otherwise, scratch that company off their list.

Determine if their janitorial services are covered by insurance, too. Look for a company that has general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

You don’t want one of the employees to hold you accountable if they’re injured on the job. Instead, their insurance should handle the situation on your behalf.

Make sure they have liability insurance coverage as well. You can hold them accountable if there’s an accident while they’re on the job. An uninsured company, on the other hand, might not have the funds to cover damaged items.

Before requesting commercial janitorial services, check the company’s certifications as well.

Proper credentials will ensure the company can perform its duties safely and professionally. Ask if they have specific areas of specialization or additional certifications.

Otherwise, determine how long the company has offered janitorial cleaning services. Try to find a long-established business. A team with years of experience is less likely to make mistakes.

Instead, you can rely on their experience and expertise in the industry. These teams are more likely to offer the best possible services.

3. Failing to Review The Services of the Janitorial Services SCjanitorial service team

Before hiring a janitorial company, make sure you know exactly what you’re hiring them for. Ask each company about the services they offer. Don’t forget to ask if they offer any specialty services, too.

Asking about their janitorial services can help you determine if they’re the right team for the job. Otherwise, you might need to find a team that covers the specialties you need. For example, you might require:

  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Construction cleanup
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Hardwood floor cleaning
  • Emergency cleaning (for sewage, burst pipes, etc.)
  • Dust and vent cleaning

Determine whether you need recurring janitorial services or one-time deep cleaning services, too.

If you require a specialty service, make sure the team has the right supplies for the job.

4. Never Researching the Team of A Janitorial Services SCCompany Culture

Before hiring a company, learn more about who will arrive at your business. Does the company hire contract workers or employees?

Determine if the team is well-trained, too. Remember to review their certifications as well.

If the team is inexperienced or unqualified, hire a different janitorial company. A well-trained team is less likely to make mistakes. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they have the proper experience as well.

You can also ask if the same team will arrive at your business every time. Working with the same team could prove more beneficial. You might not want new people coming in and out of your office each week.

5. Not Reviewing the Contractcommercial-cleaning-services-Charlotte-NC

Before hiring a commercial janitorial services SC company, make sure to review the entire contract. If you have any questions, take the time to find the answers. Don’t sign the contract if you’re unsure about specific details.

Review details regarding payment methods, date of completion, and services, too.

Otherwise, you might agree to terms that don’t suit your best interests.

6. Focusing Too Much on Costcleaning offices

Some business owners make the mistake of hiring the cheapest team they can find. You could sacrifice quality as a result. Before choosing a company, establish your budget.

Then, shop around and gather a few different quotes. Compare the services each team can offer.

Instead of choosing the cheapest team, choose a team that suits your budget and long-term needs.

Choose the Best: 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Janitorial Services SC

Making these mistakes when hiring a janitorial services SC company could prove costly. Instead, take the time to vet your options. Make sure you’re hiring a team you can trust long-term.

With their experience and expertise, you can keep your offices clean and dust-free year-round.

Want to streamline your search? We’re here to help.

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